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Asthma and Allergies are becoming more prominent in society.

“The prevalence of allergic airway diseases such as asthma and rhinitis has increased dramatically to epidemic proportions worldwide.“  World Allergy Organization (2015)

A recent report from Health Canada indicates that asthma is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions affecting Canadians. According to the survey, aeroallergens such as pollen and mold spores are a major asthma trigger.


We provide pollen forecasts to help you and those you love manage environmental allergies.

Aerobiology Research Laboratories (ARL) analyzes pollen and spore samples to create forecasts for allergy sufferers as seen on the Weather Network, Johnson and Johnson and now through our new personalized subscription program providing you with the exact info you want and need to improve your quality of life.



Aerobiology Research Laboratories (ARL) gathers pollen and spore samples daily using the innovative ARL aeroallergen rotation impaction samplers from 30 monitoring stations across Canada. Samples are collected by associates in the field and shipped to Aerobiology Research Laboratories, where they are analyzed by our highly trained laboratory staff.


Over 9 million Canadians suffer from seasonal allergies and close to 1 million pets (mainly dogs).

The counts, or total number of particles per cubic meter of air sampled for each identified particle type, are stored in our ever-growing data warehouse. This database allows us to query and summarize current and historical allergen levels in a flexible and efficient manner, supporting our research and forecasting operations as well as the data needs of our clients.

improving your quality of life

This data provides valuable information in creating pollen and spore forecasts, development of medications and public education . Knowing the forecast for pollen levels can help you regulate outdoor activities allowing you to have more control over your quality of life. You can see the pollen forecast on The Weather Network, Johnson and Johnson Reactine.ca website and now through our personalized daily pollen forecast subscription program.

A few of our partners

For 25 yrs now The Weather Network (TWN) has been providing allergy sufferers with Aerobiology Research Laboratories (ARL) daily pollen forecasts. This service is imperative in improving allergy sufferers quality of life.

Daily Pollen Forecasts

Johnson and Johnson have been longtime partners providing Aerobiology Research Laboratories (ARL) pollen forecast to allergy sufferers through their Reactine.ca website. This service is imperative in improving allergy sufferers quality of life.

Daily Pollen Forecasts

Aerobiology Research Laboratories has been an innovative provider of accurate scientific aeroallergen data across Canada since 1994. Our programs are unique to the field of aerobiology and have evolved for over 25 years to ensure the highest standard of aeroallergen reporting for both aeroallergen data and pollen forecasts.

Meet Your Pollen Expert Team!

Frances Coates

Medical Laboratory Technologist, Algonquin College

President and CEO

Frances received her training at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and was certified by the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists. Specializing in microbiology she has worked in hospital, public health and private medical laboratories. Frances is the current President and CEO of Aerobiology Research Laboratories, where she specializes in pollen and spore identification, as well as the training and continuous quality monitoring of laboratory personnel.

Dawn Jurgens

MSc. Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, University of Ottawa

Director, Operations and Quality Management

As Director of Operations and Quality Management, Dawn possesses a Masters Degree in Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology and is an integral member of our management team. Dawn is our internal auditor in charge of quality control. She directs our collection and analysis team analyzing pollen and mold spores as well as the production of the pollen forecast reports. Dawn leads our manufacturing team that assembles and maintains the rotation impaction samplers used to collect the air samples in the field.

Daniel Coates

B.A Marketing and Business Administration

Director, Marketing and Business Development

Daniel heads the Marketing, Communications and Business Development at Aerobiology Research Laboratories (A.R.L) having held Marketing Director positions in the Hospitality & Tourism, Education and Transportation Industries. A recent addition to the Aerobiology Research Laboratories team Daniel is looking to promote the company’s brand with it’s existing customers and explore new market potentials. As Director, Marketing and Communications, Daniel develops and implements communications and media strategies that successfully deliver information and key messages to the public. Daniel is also in charge of managing the day to day activities of Aerobiology Research Laboratories.

Ian Stakenvicius

BCS. Computer Science, Carleton University

Information Technology and Research Director

Ian has over ten years experience in Information Technology supported by a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree. He is responsible for the development and maintenance of the IT infrastructure and data systems at Aerobiology Research Laboratories. Additionally, he heads many of the research and development activities including statistical research, data modelling and product development.


Download the apps now through the APPLE APP STORE and GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

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